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Launch announcement Headliner

Reach viewers across desktop and mobile devices with Headliner ads

Featuring a rotating collection of live content, the homepage is one of the most prominent pieces of digital real estate on Twitch. The homepage welcomes viewers to Twitch, allows them to discover new content, and can even help them find their next favorite streamer. On the Twitch iOS and Android apps, the “Following” tab serves a similar purpose, welcoming viewers to Twitch with a collection of categories and live channels they currently follow and recommendations for more channels to follow. The upgraded Headliner display advertising solution now surrounds this premium space on desktop and mobile apps.

Meet our new Headliner advertising solution

If you currently advertise on Twitch, you might be familiar with the Homepage Headliner ad unit, which surrounds each side of the homepage carousel on the Twitch desktop browser. This unit was designed to scale across varied screen resolutions and display sizes while keeping your brand front and center. The upgraded Headliner ad unit will continue to serve this purpose, but will now deliver your ad to viewers whether they’re tuning in from their desktop or mobile devices. 

The new Headliner ad unit on mobile is a clickable display placement that viewers see when first loading the Twitch app on their iOS and Android mobile devices. This ad unit appears on the “Following” tab. Like it does for desktop screen sizes and resolutions, the Twitch Headliner scales to fit mobile and tablet devices of all sizes. This is a part of our ongoing work to provide less interruptive ad experiences for viewers while adding value to brands.

One display solution with multiple benefits

Now reaching viewers across desktop and mobile devices with a single advertising solution, the Headliner display unit maximizes reach and awareness for your brand. Early testing suggests that adding the Headliner to mobile devices has the potential to double your reach compared to advertising with the Headliner on desktop alone. 

Here are some of the biggest benefits to including this upgraded ad unit in your strategy:

  • Maximum impact: This display placement puts your brand front and center and above the fold on some of the most visited digital real estate on Twitch.
  • Maximum reach: As a cross-screen solution, the Headliner helps you capture viewers’ attention on their preferred devices. 
  • Maximum creative: The sprawling ad unit offers the chance to get even more creative with all aspects of your advertising creative—without worrying about whether or not your text and imagery will scale properly. 
  • Maximum exclusivity: Take over the front page of Twitch across a range of devices with a single solution. 

The Headliner display ad unit places your brand in some of the most impactful spaces on Twitch, now on desktop and mobile devices.

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