Desktop Video :15/:30/:60

Your video creative asset can be incorporated into our live broadcasts. We offer pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll in various locations on our site.


  • Twitch Channel Pages (Pre, Mid, Post)
Desktop Video :15/:30/:60

Video Specs

Duration: 15/30 seconds (Pre, Mid, Post), 60 seconds (Midroll Only)
Aspect Ratio: 16 : 9
Peak Audio: -9dB
File Format: MOV/MP4
Max File Size (Site-Served): 200MB
Third Party Tracking: Impression, Click, Start, First Quartile, Second Quartile, Third Quartile, Complete. No DMP or blocking tags. Daisy-chained or wrapped tags not preferred.
Max Bitrate (Third Party): 5,000 kbps
Targeting: Game Title, Game Genre
VAST/VPAID: VAST 2.0, VAST 3.0, or VPAID 2.0
Please provide VAST tags with multiple video transcodes so that the player can select the most appropriate bitrate for varying internet connection speeds.

Companion Unit Specs

Dimensions: 300 x 250
Max File Size: 50K
Max Animation: 15 seconds
File Format: JPG/GIF, HTML5 (Third Party Only)
Expandable: No
Third Party: Javascript
Third Party Tracking: Impression, Click using iframe, Javascript, or Standard tags. No DMP or blocking tags. Daisy-chained or wrapped tags not preferred.
Targeting: Game Title, Game Genre

For HTML 5
Initial load: 150KB
Polite load: 2mb
HTML5 accepted in 3rd party tags only

Twitch requires all ads and 3rd party vendors to be SSL-Compliant. All components of video and display ads including creative and tracking must be able to serve via SSL (https).