Mobile Video

The highly rated Twitch app is available for iOS and Android mobile users.


  • iOS – iPhone, iPad, iPod
  • Android – phone, tablet
Mobile Video

Ad Server Hosted Video

Video File Duration: 

  • Up to :30s, unskippable.
  • Extra charge for :60s, midroll only

Minimum Resolution: 1920x1080

Minimum Bitrate: 1000 kbps

Peak Audio: -9dB

Video File Format: H.264 (MP4)

Max 30 FPS

Supported 3rd Party Tracking Events (1x1 Pixel):

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Quartiles
  • Completes

Third-Party Served (VAST)

Video File Requirements: Refer to previous video file specs. The source video file must adhere to those requirements.

Recommended Video Transcodes, required sizes in bold:

  • 1920x1080 - 5,500 kbps
  • 1280x720 - 3,100 kbps
  • 1024x576 - 1,750 kbps
  • 888x500 - 1,316 kbps
  • 854x480 - 1,200 kbps
  • 720x406 - 866 kbps
  • 640x360 - 550 kbps
  • 480x270 - 384 kbps
  • 320x180 - 200 kbps
  • 284x160 - 180 kbps

Max 30 FPS

VAST 3.0 Only

Twitch does not allow the use of any unapproved 3rd party ad technologies. DCM Active View must be disabled.


Twitch requires all ads and 3rd party vendors to be SSL-compliant. All components of video and display ads including creative and tracking must be provided as and able to serve via SSL (HTTPS).

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