Chrome has introduced a change to how Flash-based content loads on a page. It is currently in beta, and will roll out to all as early as Sept 2015. As the advertising industry moves away from Flash creative, Twitch encourages advertisers to generate HMTL5-based creative for optimal load times and performance.

Please keep the following in mind when planning for HTML5 creatives:

  • Only certain display units are affected: Medium Rectangle 300×250, Super Leaderboard 970×66, and Billboard 970×250
  • Twitch only serves these display units on Desktop.
  • We can accommodate a larger creative size for HTML5 files, please reference specs for the affected for more information.
  • Twitch accepts HTML5 tags through through two options:
    • 3rd party creative tags generated through services such as DCM and Sizmek
    • Self contained HTML files created through Swiffy. This would be the best option for converting your SWF files to HTML5 files.

At this time, Twitch cannot site-serve HTML5 assets for custom executions.

If you have any questions, please reach out to and we’ll be happy to address specific questions.