Sizzle Strip (HPTO ADD-ON)

Right below the main video player, the high-impact sizzle strip keeps our viewers engaged with your creative assets. Sizzle Strip’s goal is to create awareness in our community and amplify promotion on Twitch’s homepage.

Available ONLY with Homepage Takeover



  • Twitch Home Page

File Specs

*Preferably built by Twitch Design but will allow Agencies to build with creative approval (design, verbiage, clickthrough)


Dimensions: 980 x 250
Max File Size: 100K
File Format: JPG, GIF
Third Party: Javascript
Third Party Tracking: Impression, Click


Initial load: 150KB
Polite load: 2mb
HTML5 accepted in 3rd party tags only

Twitch requires all ads and 3rd party vendors to be SSL-Compliant. All components of video and display ads including creative and tracking must be able to serve via SSL (https).